PA students painting a banner that has a rainbow and says 'Smile'

As educators of our future health care professionals we know how important mental health is and therefore are pleased to offer all SMHS students a free subscription to Talkspace, a text-based counseling service. In addition to text-based communication, all SMHS students have access to four video sessions per month. Via a special algorithm, you will be matched with a therapist that suits you and your needs. 

To register, go to and input your GW email address. [Medical Residents should NOT use their MFA email address]  After you are registered and matched with your therapist you have the opportunity to schedule an optional 10-minute live video introduction session. Moving forward you can send text, video, and picture messages to your therapist who will respond in a similar fashion. 

*If you registered with Talkspace prior to February 2021 you may need to email to be switched over to the new plan which includes the 4 video sessions per month. 

Please Note: You will need to revalidate your account after a year of using the platform. Go to the 'Check my coverage' feature found in your Talkspace app settings, and follow the prompts provided. If you prefer to remain connected to your current therapist, you will have to reach out to to validate instead.

For additional details on how you may benefit from this service, please visit the Talkspace FAQ page.

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency or thoughts of suicide, do not wait for your therapist to respond: call 911 (Emergency Services), 202-994-5300 (Colonial Health Center), or these other resource numbers