Student Life

Central to the mission of OSS is the goal of providing interprofessional co-curricular educational opportunities to SMHS students. It is critical that students are academically supported at GW, but it is just as important that they develop a sense of community and belonging. OSS provides a number of opportunities to encourage student engagement and partners with other offices across SMHS and the larger GW community to provide a robust student life.

Student Organizations

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences is home to a number of student organizations and professional interest groups. The School of Medicine and Health Sciences maintains an active list of more than 80 special interest groups for students studying medicine and health care. OSS has collected videos and material on a number of student organizations!

We encourage you to explore the many opportunities to get involved with the GW SMHS student community!

If you are interested in starting a student organization or special interest group, please contact the SMHS Office of Student Professional Enrichment at for information.


Each year, the Office of Student Support sponsors a number of events including Community Service Day, the Day in a Life Event, and various workshops designed to foster student success. For information on student events sponsored by OSS, please visit the Events webpage.

Additional information on SMHS events that are open to all members of the community may be found by visiting the main SMHS Upcoming Events webpage.

SMHS Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC)

In recognition of the ethnic and cultural diversity of our students and their interaction with others, we the faculty and staff of the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the George Washington University Hospital, Children’s National Hospital and the George Washington Medical Faculty Associates hereby commit to the development and active implementation of an antiracist academic community to identify and eradicate all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. We purposefully commit to identify, discuss and challenge the impact that race and ethnicity have on influencing our didactic training; subsequent patient interactions; institutional policies, culture and climate; and interactions with one another.

Additional information on the ARC, including ways to get involved, can be found on their website.

Student Research

Research discovery and translation to practice are at the core of the SMHS mission. By accelerating research excellence, enhancing innovation and advancing translation, the school’s goal is to discover new knowledge and improve care.

For information on SMHS research, and possible opportunities for student collaboration, please visit Research at SMHS.

Commencement Celebrations

Details on the HS Commencement Celebrations can be found on Student Services and Graduation website

Details on the University's Commencement Celebration on the National Mall can be found on GW Commencement website

Additional Non-Academic Student Support

Financial Literacy
School can be expensive and knowing how to balance loans, income, buying supplies, etc., can be difficult. In addition to listing external resources for you, we have put together a module that goes through many of the basics.

TIAA Creff Financial Training Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

  • AAMC's financial wellness program allows you to access free financial calculators, articles, and videos to create a budget, track your spending, set financial goals, and enhance your knowledge about credit, financial planning, money management, and more.
  • Register for a free account.

Live Life Smart Guide: Helpful Tips to Manage Your Student Loans

GW Alert
OSS recommends all students sign up to receive campus safety updates through the Division of Safety and Security. Instructions for opting into GW Alerts can be found on the Campus Safety website. 

Campus Safety & Security
A safe and secure learning environment is vital to your success. We are committed to providing and promoting campus-wide safety to the GW community. In order to maintain safety and security, please familiarize yourself with the following safety and security resources and reporting structures.

The GW Division of Safety and Security offers many services to the GW community including crime prevention and community outreach, threat assessment, victim services, and operation ID. To learn about the GW Division of Safety and Security and services offered, please visit:

Off-Campus Safety & Security
Your off-campus safety is important to us. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you remain safe at all times:

  • Let a friend or family member know your plans and/or location ahead of time.
  • Avoid studying or working alone in a campus building.
  • Always lock your residence, car doors, and windows.
  • Only walk, run, bike, and drive in well-lit areas.
  • Avoid talking and riding with strangers.
  • Safeguard your valuables to avoid theft.
  • Carry some form of identification with you at all times.
  • Report suspicious behavior to authorities.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Avoid distractions when walking by yourself such as talking and texting on your phone. Remain alert!